not long ago this website has moved and now it looks like any space where the residents just moved in: many boxes all over, water in the kitchen isnt running yet, the sleeping room is storage space but nobody really knows whats all in there and the living room seems to be a garage with lots of windows, the garden is planned to be lightly green next year …

but if you roam around the house you ll already find many impressing images, articles posted everywhere and lots of helpful information …;-)))

box after box, room after room, this virtual home, office, workshop and garden will be arranged in a way that ll help to find what you re looking for!

september 2012

Webseiten verstehen – Firefox Page Inspector 3D

firefox page inspector 3DIn Firefox 11 gibt es ein Werkzeug um die Struktur von Webseiten zu untersuchen: Firefox “Page Inspector 3D” stellt die verschiedenen Elemente einer Webseite dreidimensional dar und hilft dadurch den Aufbau, die Struktur der gesamten Webseite schnell zu verstehen. Die verwendeten Styles können für jedes Element auf der Seite ausführlich dargestellt werden.

- Feststellen, ob der eigene Computer für Page Inspector 3D geeignet ist: wenn Ihr Computer WebGL unterstützt, zeigt diese Webseite “Yay”, falls nicht “Nay” …

- Firefox Page Inspector 3D starten

- Firefox Einstellungen überprüfen : in Firefox “about:config” in die Adresszeile eingeben … (Vorsicht, nichts verstellen!)


What you have to know if you start your own buddypress-system …

The backup of such a system should be your main concern!

If your system crashes you have to have a functioning backup and recover routine or lots of data will be gone cause its very hard to restore it manually and its going to be impossible doing this with lots of data stored in the system.

Thats why you should be very careful about the plugins you choose for your installation because this is the main cause for a major crash! wp and bp upgrade regularly and the plugin-developers have a hard time to keep their plugins uptodate. if wp changes some basic function, many plugins will not work anymore from one day to the other …

thats what I learned from this:

- I use only plugins that are guaranteed to be supported and upgraded through any new wp and bp version … stay away from any fancy stuff thats not very well supported – I even have email/twitter-contact to some of the plugin-developers … that means to keep the system small, smaller in the beginning, less functions make a better system because its going to stay for longer! later its possible to expand and integrate more functions …

- I now have a few installations of bp (none of them public) and wp-multisite (without bp) only for testing new versions, new plugins before I upgrade or install them into a running system!

please be warned that your system is very fragile … so do not spend too much effort into bringing many people into the system at the beginning … keep people informed about it and invite them to have a look and try out … but eventually tell them that its still a beta-system and they should keep a copy of any data they store in your system cause it could be unavailable the next day …

work on your backup-routines and be sure you can reinstall the damn thing from your backups in short time before you send out invitations to everybody!


How to transfer Files / Backups from Server to Server