not long ago this website has moved and now it looks like any space where the residents just moved in: many boxes all over, water in the kitchen isnt running yet, the sleeping room is storage space but nobody really knows whats all in there and the living room seems to be a garage with lots of windows, the garden is planned to be lightly green next year …

but if you roam around the house you ll already find many impressing images, articles posted everywhere and lots of helpful information …;-)))

box after box, room after room, this virtual home, office, workshop and garden will be arranged in a way that ll help to find what you re looking for!

september 2012

friederbronner.de imported and “broken link checker” installed

broken links checker

broken links checker

with the help from the wordpress tool “import/export” I ve integrated all the posts from my previous main blog “friederbronner.de” into the new site “friederbronner.me”. this worked pretty well but obviously some links are broken, an image doesnt show up … this is the usual result of any moving – somethings got sorted out or sorted wrong. want to fix it?!

to find out about any missing links I therefore installed the “broken link checker” which does a pretty good (backstage) job finding these links that dont work anymore. in my case it gave me a list of urgent things to repair in my blog: 25 links and about 10 images arent working … (not for long!;-)))

“Category Specific RSS feeds” installed …

category specific rss feeds

category specific rss feeds

Instead of the usual WordPress Category Widget now there s the “Category Specific RSS feeds” Widget installed: this plugin shows you immediately the number of posts in the category and provides you with a button for a category specific RSS feed! it gives you the chance to get anything you are interested in published on this blog. stuff you dont want to read doesnt bother you in your rss feeds …

(to get rid of the widget branding I had to outcomment “$output .= ‘<div>by <a href=”http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/?p=319″ target=”_blank”>Tips and Tricks</a></div>’;” in the main-php file on line 92)

“Comment Rating” plugin for wordpress installed …

comment rating

comment rating

due to heavy discussions on other blogsites I have installed the plugins “comment rating” and “comment rating widget” to allow (registered) users to vote on comments. This blog will not have open comments in the beginning, its way to much work to go through all of the spam that comes in any day on any blog. in my experience its like this: for any good, relevant comment I ll get in any of the blogs I ve been associated with there were at least ten comments like this: “I like your blog very much, visit me at blabla@sell.us”. here at “friederbronner.me” you ll be invited to become a registered user and be able to write comments and comment onto the comments …

less is more



the lesser the more less. this is where it goes right at this moment in my online world. I´m shutting down all my other web presences and divers online accounts to focus on this one solely website: “friederbronner.me” should fit any of my needs as a writer and will be my online workshop from now on. happy to be here – nice to meet you here!;-)))

if you re interested in my past online presences you can look up some (rudimentary) copies on the internet archive:

- friederbronner.de

WordPress-Multisite running – erfolgreicher Blogfarmstart auf friederbronner.org

An einem feuchten und nasskalten Dezembersonntag im letzten Jahr vor dem Ende des Mayakalenders, übrigens dem 4. Advent nach christlichem Ritual, wurde eine neue Blogfarm auf Basis der Software WordPress Multisite installiert und mit elf Blogs zu verschiedenen Themen und Zwecken erfolgreich zum Leben erweckt.

Happy Blogging

WPMS – “WordPress MultiSite”, eine Blogfarm nur für mich!!-)))

Eine WordPressinstallation – viele Blogs … anstatt alle meine verschiedenen Interessen in einem einzigen Blog unterzubringen, habe ich mir mit Hilfe von WordPress eine Blogfarm eingerichtet und lege mir für verschiedene Themen und Zwecke neue Blogs an. Und nach einiger Einarbeitung bin ich schon sehr zufrieden mit meinem Blogplanet …

This is what I call Happy Blogging