not long ago this website has moved and now it looks like any space where the residents just moved in: many boxes all over, water in the kitchen isnt running yet, the sleeping room is storage space but nobody really knows whats all in there and the living room seems to be a garage with lots of windows, the garden is planned to be lightly green next year …

but if you roam around the house you ll already find many impressing images, articles posted everywhere and lots of helpful information …;-)))

box after box, room after room, this virtual home, office, workshop and garden will be arranged in a way that ll help to find what you re looking for!

september 2012

friederbronner.de imported and “broken link checker” installed

broken links checker

broken links checker

with the help from the wordpress tool “import/export” I ve integrated all the posts from my previous main blog “friederbronner.de” into the new site “friederbronner.me”. this worked pretty well but obviously some links are broken, an image doesnt show up … this is the usual result of any moving – somethings got sorted out or sorted wrong. want to fix it?!

to find out about any missing links I therefore installed the “broken link checker” which does a pretty good (backstage) job finding these links that dont work anymore. in my case it gave me a list of urgent things to repair in my blog: 25 links and about 10 images arent working … (not for long!;-)))

The Next Wave: Wireless Internet

Switching between English, German, Hindi and Tibetan, is a tough job, if it is cold outside and even colder inside the building, where the Airjaldi-Summit in Dharamsala, North India, started today. A very diverse crowd of wifi-admirers has gathered here, to start the Next Wave: internetaccess through wireless, self designed connections. “DIY – do it yourself” is one of the groundmaking ideas, that want to spread from here to every place on this globe. The next three days we will discuss the internet of tomorrow – very interesting also to many entrepreneurs, which are mingled between hackers of all kinds and cultures. Social hacking aka Social Organizing is another one of these ideas. Look into this happening deeply and share what’s going on wherever you are. There’s plenty material about the summit already online:http://summit.airjaldi.com.


SFLan — Community Wireless

October, 2003

“People need to not only download our content, but to upload content to us,” I.A. founder Brewster Kahle says. And given that current networks, with their slow upload speeds, make this a difficult task, he decided to build his own network.

Called SFLan, Kahle’s community wireless network is a “distributed network,” which means anybody using it can also become a “node,” or a network distribution point. “In the old days, you could tell a modem to dial some numbers and it became part of the system. Others could relay through it,” Kahle says.

SFLan is based on the same principle. For $1,000, Brewster and his team will come to your house and set up a node on your roof. It’s basically just a small white box that holds some open-source software and two antennae: one that links to the network and one that other users can point their antennae at to log on. To date, they have 18 nodes running throughout San Francisco. Anyone with a wireless card can jump on a node and use the network for free (a map of these nodes is available at woody.archive.org/nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi).

sfbg.com | news

Delays in Wi-Fi talks for S.F. frustrate Google executive

In an interview with The Chronicle, Chris Sacca, who leads Google’s special projects, voiced frustration with what he called the city’s slow negotiating style. Sacca said that talks to come up with a final contract have advanced little since they started and that officials have made unreasonable demands, including a request for free computers and a share in revenues.

“Every meeting is like the first,” he said.

Sacca’s criticisms are the first by Google about the city’s oversight. Initially, officials said the wireless Internet network would be built by the end of the year, but the city now says the service will be delayed at least until 2007.

Delays in Wi-Fi talks for S.F. frustrate Google executive